Straps & Tie Downs

Updated: Apr 26

STRAPS AND TIE DOWNS are essential when transporting your motorcycle. They also make a good gift to pair up with a good motorcycle ramp and/or a set of canyon dancers.


PAY MORE when buying straps and tie downs. The difference between cheap and expensive is quality.

Good straps and tie downs are normally more expensive due to tinsel strength. In most cases bigger is better. A heartier strap can typically bear a heavier load.

BUY LESS and stay away from the bargain straps, they tend to be the weak and flimsy type that tangle and knot up every chance they get.

Cheap straps and ties are more ribbon like and don't have the tinsel strength to keep their integrity under a load. The price is usually good on these but the straps are trash.

MEASURE your application before you buy. Make sure you don't buy a 6ft' strap/tie down for a10ft' job. A good rule of thumb is to "go big" or long rather than short. In the occasion the extra length is needed It's there.

MGS RECOMENDS you buy 2 sets or 1 of each. You want to get a pair of 1" ratchet straps and a pair of 1" buckle tie-downs. Click the links below for our suggestions. Ratchet Straps have a ratcheting mechanism that allow the user to apply tension to secure a load. These straps are the most secure and should be the primary straps for securing a motorcycle or load.

Tie-Downs (or lashing straps) are a good secondary strap to use along with ratchet straps. A lashing strap has a buckle ( or clasp) that stops the release of tension after a simple pull when being used.

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