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A Good backpack with a lot of internal pockets is a must have gift for your rider!

Gifting a backpack or bag is always fun, simply because it can be the gift that keeps on giving. Once you select your backpack you can stuff it with tools, gloves, socks, key tags and all kinds of goodies!

Motorcycle brands make really good backpacks and bags for riding, however its not necessary to stick to major brands when buying. Backpacks are essentially universal and can be used across the board.

Here are some pointers for buying a backpack as a gift for a motorcyclist.

  • Internal Pockets - Wind will pull open zippers. You want minimal zippers exposed. It's no fun loosing your laptop to someone's windshield.

  • Easy on the straps - Straps on backpacks usually serve a purpose however they can also turn into whips in high wind. Buy something with less straps or straps that can be tucked away or tied up.

  • Back & Neck Support - On a long or rough ride the wrong bag can be a serious strain. Prolonged straining can lead to countless other issues when it comes to riding.

  • Helmet Clash - A backpack should in no-way reduce the riders helmet mobility. Your rider should always be able to keep his head on a swivel with ease.

  • Versatility - A versatile backpack is like a Swiss army knife. A backpack that can be used for work and play keeps your rider ready for anything at all times.

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