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There are different helmets for different ride styles. Here are some important questions to answer before buying your rider a helmet.

What is your riders ride style?

  • Different ride styles include ( and not limited too) sport, cruiser, touring, enduro, motocross, cafe and bobber.

  • Helmets can be specific to the riders style. Typically road helmets are for road motorcycles and off-road helmets are for off-road motorcycles.

Where does your rider ride and what are the conditions?

  • Places to ride include the open road, city streets, off-road, trails etc.

  • Riding conditions include day, night, rain, wind, heat, snow etc.

  • Helmets have specific purposes for the conditions they are used in. For example, some helmets have high ventilation for hot conditions and others can be waterproof for extremely wet conditions such as rain. Some helmets may have increased visibility for traffic and others may have a bill ( like a baseball cap) to reduce sun exposure.

What are your state or country helmet safety requirments and standards?

  • There are different government standards that certify helmet safety across the world.

D.O.T. United States Standard

  • The Department of Transportation standard FMVSS 218, the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #218 for Motorcycle Helmets. This is applicable to certfied helmets sold in the U.S. for on-road use.

ECE 22.05 European Standard

  • Economic Commission of Europe The ECE standard, which is accepted in 47 countries, is similar to the DOT standard

SNELL Helmet Standard

  • The Snell Memorial Foundation is a private, non-profit organization formed in 1957 dedicated to improving helmet safety.

  • Snell goes beyond the most government standards. Snell also assist manufacturers with helmet development by offering prototype testing.

What kind of helmet is your rider most comfortable with?

  • Comfort is confidence. The more comfortable and confident your helmet is typically the better the rider will perform while riding.

  • For example, nobody wants to worry about an uncomfortable helmet doing 65mph in traffic.

What brands does your rider like?

  • Find out what you rider likes, often times a rider has a helmet or brand they are loyal to or would love to try.

  • Some brands include: Arai Scorpion - Icon Motorsports - Torc - Thousand - Bell - HJC - AGV - Sedici - Speed&Strength - Nolan - Bogotto

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